Ocean Dress

Eco-friendly luminous Dress
#OceanDress #OceanTeam


Ocean Team

Our artistic crew :

Alice Giordani

Technologist - Smooth Wearable

Fang Yang

Designer - Hall Couture

Valérie Marsaudon

Stylist - Studio Maximars

Our Team

Strong of our different backgrounds, we decided to mobilize our skills at Textilab to create this team, with the maker Alice, the visionary stylist Valerie, and the talented designer Fang.

Our Work

Through a unique piece, we wanted to demonstrate that we can bind Technologies & Fashion while respecting the environment.
The OceanDress is made of a solar panel and programmable LEDs that achieve a self-powered soft luminous effect. The skirt is made of plastic bags on a fishing net that leads us on the theme of ocean conservation by recovering waste and a more ethical fashion.

Our Mentality

Working with joy and happiness first. Find meaning in our achievements.


Our Motivations

Tackle current global issues, bringing a new perspective on fashion and new technologies.


Nadège Chollat-Traquet, semiotician obsessed with any form of new mutations, for her enthusiastic support

Hall Couturefor lending us their premises that have allowed us to work all together

Cédric Honnet, genius tech at Tangible Display, for the hardware booster

Ruby Soho, for her professionalism of alternative model (Portfolio - Blog)

Maurin Donneaud, co-founder of DataPaulette, for its recommendations in solar panels

Emmanuelle Labouré, for her presence at the initialization of the project and its little plastic weaver hands

Marc Lamey, for our fabulous cooperation during a shooting at the City of Fashion and Design in Paris

Romain Dona, for the beautiful portraits of the team he has done with ease


Thanks a lot to all of you !!